• Since the great war, the last remaining ancients were believed to be long extinct, leaving behind The Book of the Ancients. In the book, the ancients named the vast desert-like lands, TARA, desolate as far as the eye could see.

    The book mentioned with reverence the existence of the “Manastream”, a mystical source of energy that flows beneath the surface. Often referred to as “Mana in its purest and spectral state”, the Manastream is the singular source of all life in the TAGG universe and nourished all across the lands of TARA.

  • Coursing through the veins of TARA, the manastream eventually gathers at specific locations known as “Mana Deposits”, where natural fragments of crystallised mana, known as nodes, naturally form across the surface.

    When deployed into a nexus, nodes resonate with the manastream, extracting additional mana to the surface over time. As natural artefacts, each Node is unique in its performance, and have varying mana generation rates (MGR).

    There are three types of Nodes that have been discovered thus far - Green (USD 10), Blue Nodes (USD 100), and Gold Nodes (USD 1000). Nodes have proven to be resilient against time. They do not lose their original value and never expire. When deployed, the nodes are soul-bound and are not transferable.

  • Mana extracted by nodes are often referred to as yield. With yield in their grasp, taggers may choose to transmute the yield to craft additional nodes, or harvest the yield.

    Harvesting the yield transfers the value of the mana into the game balance within 3 calendar days. One unit of mana is equivalent to USD 1.

  • Salvaging a node reverts the crystal to mana, allowing taggers to free up space in their nexus, or craft another configuration of nodes.

    By salvaging nodes, the nodes disconnect from the manastream, and their value added to the game balance within 7 calendar days.

  • The Book of the Ancients instruct the optimum formation for Node deployment. The structure is known as a Hexa - powered by a single node at its core - the primary node.

Each Hexa comprises of 6 nexuses connected to the primary node. Like a power grid, a nexus connects to the primary node by means of 3 tier 1 nodes, which are linked to 2 additional tier 2 nodes. Thus, there are a total of 9 Nodes ultimately linked to the primary node within a nexus.

  • When a nexus is completed, the nodes also resonate with one another, resulting in an amplified mana generation performance known as “Amplification bonus”.

    Taggers enjoy an additional 10% on the mana generation rate of tier 1 nodes, and 5% on the mana generation rate of tier 2 nodes. However, once the nexus is broken, the nodes within the nexus lose the bonus generation rate.

  • The ancients realised that nexuses completed with a singular type of node resonate deeper with the manastream, and often conjures Yield Boosters, to the surface.

    These nexuses are known as pure nexuses, and are abbreviated as Nexus [Gold-P], Nexus [Blue-P], or Nexus [Green-P]. Yield Boosters are limited, and as a result of their value, are known to cause geo-political instability across TARA.

  • Taggers can complete their nexus without expanding additional resources by establishing a mana link enables taggers. The result - the deployment of a spectral mirror image of the linked tagger’s Nodes into their own nexus.

    Although they do not gain the yield from the linked nodes, they are able to earn from the amplification bonus from the linked nodes. Up to 3 nodes can be linked from another tagger.