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The aftermath of the Faction Wars was enshrined as the silent chaos. Fires of war reduced to amber, shattered nodes scattered across the land as the eye could see. Battlegrounds were but a solemn shadow of the ferocious tenacity displayed.

Like a phoenix, new beginnings were eventually forged from the ashes. Despite seizing a glorious victory, Ironforge wasted no time in harvesting the spoils of war. Led by the Nodals Sherizon, EndlessD and Patrick, the faction swiftly took control of the Grand Counsel and the Oracle, gaining unprecedented access to knowledge and power over a divided civilisation. With the Oracle in their grasp, the Nodals forged the radiant empire of Aether.

Across the vast barren plains, the Ravenclaw were riled and in disarray. Nodals Azurra, Anyo, and Inev, returned to their homeland, only to find their faction triggered and divided. To cure this sociological cancer, they established splinter houses to focus the faction’s lust for revenge. The House of Azurra - specialising in the art of duel and assassination, the House of Anyo - specialising in tactics and warfare, and finally, the House of Inev - specialising in weaponry and technology.

Together, the Nodals united the Ravenclaw. Reinforcing their fundamental values - where only the strongest could lead, the once divided Ravenclaw sharpened their glaives and left their rogue nature behind them, renaming their empire - Gaia.

Many questioned the dispositions of the Genomian forces since the Faction Wars, and one guess was no better than the other. Were they mustering their armies for another onslaught? or were they hiding in fear of a second defeat? Truly, that which is left unseen, would in time become forgotten.

With one threat out of the crosshair, it was only a matter of time before the next takes root. One thing is for certain - the race to ascend the next generation of champions is here, and surely the drums of war are going to fill the air once more.

The empires need your aid in increasing their Mana Reserves in preparation for war! Construct new nexuses during the ASCENSION event, and the empires will reward you with yield boosters and honour points!

TIP - Mixed nexuses contribute the least reserve mana and are rewarded accordingly. So do remember to keep a tab on the composition of your nexuses!

Yield Booster Table

Note: Yield Boosters will be qualified, validated, and thereafter distributed after the event has ended. If you’ve been following the lore, you could probably guess what the next event’s going to be about! Send us your predictions on Facebook or Twitter!

Get social and rack up your honour points and secure a spot amongst the top 12 ASCENSION taggers and earn your Season Pass! To get you started, any new nexus constructed during ASCENSION earns you 10 honour points.

Increase your honour points by sharing TAGG with your friends and family! Every Unique Linked Node (ULN) in a new nexus constructed during ASCENSION earns you additional honour points!

Yield Booster Table

ULNs are obtained when a linked tagger deploys a primary node, which is mirrored into your nexus.

As the team works hard to quickly caluclate everyone's share of the prizepool, take note that your final prize allocations(yield boosters) won't be published here in respect of Tagger privacy. Once this is made available, we'll be sending out private messages separately to each one of you with more details.

# In-Game Name Total Points
1 FUZZ#39378 4620
2 SGHOMEBOY#29762 2130
3 FEARLESSJ#72400 2110
4 CALVIN#18416 1760
5 SRENNIW#13613 1720
6 STEVEN#92756 1560
7 MOONRIDER#29858 1560
8 HENGHENG#30280 1560
9 RICK#42866 1500
10 GOLFBUG#29968 1420
11 NAJAR#05165 1300
12 TML#77915 1210