The Manastream

The Manastream; an ethereal source of energy that flows through the vast lands across the universe of TAGG. Energy deposits form across the dunes of TARA, forming Nodes that resonate with the Manastream, extracting Mana and nourishing civilisation. However, resources creates power, and the distribution of power causes geo-political unrest between Factions. Rise up and build your empire, harness the power of the crowd and balance the geopolitical dynamics across TARA.


Nodes are energy crystals that are formed by the manastream at different locations where it accumulates. When deployed into a NEXUS, Nodes are able to resonate with the manastream to extract additional Mana over time. Each Node brought into existence is unique in their performance, generating varying Mana each month (Mana Generation Rate). There are three types of Nodes that taggers can acquire; Green Nodes (USD 10), Blue Nodes (USD 100), Gold Nodes (USD 1000). Taggers can own multiple Nodes.

Salvaging Nodes

Salvaging a Node reverts the energy crystal to Mana. Taggers may choose to salvage one or a number of their Nodes to free up space in their NEXUS. Nodes retain and do not lose their original value over time, and value of the Node will be added to then tagger’s game balance within 7 days


Mana extracted from the manastream is often referred to as Yield. Taggers may choose to use their yield to acquire additional Nodes, or harvest their yield to transfer the value of the Mana harvested to their game balance within 3 days. When translated back to our reality, 1 unit of Mana is equivalent to USD 1.


Nodes are deployed into formations in order for them to resonate with the Manastream and extract Mana from it. This formation is known as a HEXA, which consists of 6 NEXUS. Each HEXA is powered by a Primary Node, which links to 3 Tier 1 Nodes. Each Tier 1 Nodes links to 2 additional Tier 2 Nodes. Thus, 9 Nodes linked to a Primary Node forms a NEXUS. Gather your friends and construct your NEXUS by linking your friends

Amplification Bonuses

When a NEXUS is successfully constructed, taggers unlock the NEXUS Amplification Bonus. Taggers enjoy an additional 10% on the mana extraction of all Tier 1 Nodes, and 5% on the mana extraction of all Tier 2 Nodes. This bonus is only applicable as long as the NEXUS remains intact.

NEXUS Purity

A NEXUS constructed with the same type of Nodes achieves Purity, which enables additional Mana, in the form of Yield Boosters, to be extracted from the manastream. Opportunities to acquire Yield Boosters are limited, and thus causing Yield Boosters to have the potential to create significant power shifts in the geo-economical climate.

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