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Event Trilogy: Factions Unity


From the depths they came111. A thunderous roar resounded across the night sky, as the ground beneath tore apart. Both Ironforge and Ravenclaw taggers lowered their weapons as the light from the energy bloc turned crimson red. It was not long before the tremors began once more, this time, to a steady beat.

Long shadows cast across the lands of TARA as the dark soldiers emerged. The royal guard of the Genomians, natives to TARAN region, beings that feed on energy deposits. They exist beyond the shadows, beneath the ground, burrowed and hidden, only emerging when great amounts of yield energy are amassed.

It was clear as day to both Ironforge and Ravenclaw for the task ahead. Stand together and eradicate the Genomian plague, or lose TERA 986 to the native creatures.


5.06.16 – 19.07.16

Taggers from both Ironforge and Ravenclaw must stand together to take back TERA 986 from the Genomians. Both factions specialise in different combat skills, and when used in synergy, can be a force to be reckoned with. Skirmish groups of 30 taggers, 15 from each faction, will be sufficient to eliminate a single Genomian cluster, releasing the energy deposit beneath and allowing the next group to leapfrog to the next cluster.


Each Skirmish group has a capacity of 30 taggers, of which 15 need to be from Ironforge, and 15 from Ravenclaw. Taggers can enlist into a skirmish group by constructing a new NEXUS (Pure or Mixed).


The strength of a skirmish group is gauged by a tier system that determines the amount of energy that can be extracted from the liberated cluster as yield. Tiers can only be upgraded if the required number of taggers from both factions have enlisted onto the roll of honour.


Taggers who have enlisted into a skirmish group will earn the corresponding yield boosters for all NEXUS constructed within the event period. Yield Boosters will be validated and distributed at the end of the event.

Rise up, enlist into a skirmish group, and take back TERA 986 from the Genomians! Construct your NEXUS today!



gold-pv2[P] VS [NON-P]
A completed [P] NEXUS comprises of only the same coloured Nodes while [NON-P] NEXUS can be comprised of multiple Node colour combinations. The ‘P’ in the codename stands for ‘Purity’, indicating the NEXUS composition. Nodes within these NEXUS do not need to be under the ownership of a single TAGGer. Thus, by tapping into your social capital, TAGGers can easily benefit from the premium boosters.


referral-newLINKED NODES
Primary Nodes deployed by new TAGGers recruited through your unique invitation code will also appear in your NEXUS as referral Nodes, so plan around your referrals to try and take advantage of every opportunity to rapidly fill up your NEXUS and HEXA for free!


TAGGers must have their Stimpack already activated, or have already submitted a request for an Stimpack extension during the event , irrespective of the boost setting. If the Stimpack expires before the end of the event period, the TAGGer does not meet the objective requirements for ‘Stimpack active’



Should you have further questions, or need clarification as to how the event works, do drop us a note at, use the “Ask Us” function on our Facebook page or right here on our Website. We’re always here to help.

userEvent Trilogy: Factions Unity

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