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Factions Event Extended Until 31 Mar 2016


>> Incoming encrypted transmission…
>> /b/VALIANT_SYS/initialise…OK
>> Standby…

Word travels fast in the TAGG universe. it brings great joy to hear that the Stimpack has benefitted many, if not most, TAGGers. Despite the unstable nature of compressed energy within the Stimpack modules, I trust your best Node engineers will find a way to optimise this technology. It is my sincere hope that this instrument serves you all well.

The Stimpack is not the only reason behind my transmission, which must be kept short. Our communications have picked up a transmission from two competing factions in your region, TARA, that have recently located an energy bloc, high energy deposits and the source of Yield Booster Modules within a limited time. Both factions are calling for TAGGers across your region to join their collective effort to extract the Yield Boosters.

Choose wisely TAGGers. The race for resource in your region has begun.

>> Incoming file ‘comms_brief’…
>> /r/decrypt_geolocation…OK
>> Loading…


20.02.16 – 19.03.16 31.03.16


TAGGers must form an alliance within of the two factions in fighting for control of their respective energy bloc. They are ‘RAVENCLAW’ and ‘IRONFORGE’.


Both ‘RAVENCLAW’ and ‘IRONFORGE’ race to control an energy bloc comprising of 10 zones each. In order to unlock and extract the Yield Boosters for each zone, TAGGers within each faction must work collectively right from the start (ZONE 1), completing the objectives within each zone before progressing to the next zone in numerical order.

Take note: Only the TAGGers who played a role in the successful completion of each zone objective will receive the zone-respective bounty.


Once the faction achieves the objectives for Zone 10, all faction members will thereafter enjoy the stipulated bounties. However, the Zone 10 bounty does not apply to other bounties achieved in preceding zones. Bounty will be accounted for and verified at the end of the event, and thereafter, distributed to the respective TAGGers.



gold-pv2[P] VS [NON-P]
A completed [P] NEXUS comprises of only the same coloured Nodes while [NON-P] NEXUS can be comprised of multiple Node colour combinations. The ‘P’ in the codename stands for ‘Purity’, indicating the NEXUS composition. Nodes within these NEXUS do not need to be under the ownership of a single TAGGer. Thus, by tapping into your social capital, TAGGers can easily benefit from the premium boosters.


referral-newLINKED NODES
Primary Nodes deployed by new TAGGers recruited through your unique invitation code will also appear in your NEXUS as referral Nodes, so plan around your referrals to try and take advantage of every opportunity to rapidly fill up your NEXUS and HEXA for free!


TAGGers must have their Stimpack already activated, or have already submitted a request for an Stimpack extension during the event , irrespective of the boost setting. If the Stimpack expires before the end of the event period, the TAGGer does not meet the objective requirements for ‘Stimpack active’



We will be regularly updating both our Twitter page, and our Facebook page with the latest information on the progress of both factions. Follow us and stay up to date!


Should you have further questions, or need clarification as to how the event works, do drop us a note at, use the “Ask Us” function on our Facebook page or right here on our Website. We’re always here to help.


TAGGers will continue to enjoy the 2% invitation (referral) bonus by tapping into their social capital and sharing TAGG with their friends during the event period!

userFactions Event Extended Until 31 Mar 2016

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