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Event Trilogy: Factions Uprising


The dunes of TARA were still with an eerie silence as the race for resources came to end, yet neither faction had heard from Nodal Six. Since then, both Ironforge and Ravenclaw were carving out their own dominions, expanding across the vast nomadic plains of the Taran region. Eventually, it became clear to a few that the energy blocs they had built could not keep up with their rapid growth.

Both factions hastily dispatched their scouts in a relentless search for the nearest energy deposits. Their fortunate discovery drew attention to the area known as TERA 986, a contested zone wedged between the territories of both factions. Despite their endeavour to resist conflict, it was not long before the factions experienced persistent internal unrest, and began conducting skirmishes across TERA 986 in their quest for dominion over the energy deposit.

Steel your hearts and ready your blades TAGGers, for the contest for resources has begun.



25.04.16 – 03.06.16



Both the Ironforge and Ravenclaw factions have advanced tremendously since the initial FACTIONS event, and are now contesting for dominion over TERA 986. Steel yourselves and join the uprising!

Step 1 : Enlist

Ensure that you have established an in-game name in the profile section before selecting your faction! If you have already selected your faction, do check that you have already have an existing in-game name.

Step 2: Earn Honour Points

Assist your faction in their pursuit for dominion of TERA 986 by earning Honour Points. The honour points of all taggers within a faction will be aggregated into the Faction total. Earn honour points for your faction today by constructing a new NEXUS, completing a HEXA, or by successfully inviting friends to TAGG!


By having Stimpack active, or activating a new Stimpack, you will gain a percentage boost in the number of honour points contributed by you to your faction! The honour point boost rates correspond to the boost setting of the active Stimpack.


Step 3: Dominion

The aggregated faction honour points will be updated on a daily basis, and indicated together with the intel map of TERA 986 above. Faction Dominion of TERA 986 is calculated based on the percentage of honour points in TERA 986 that belong to a respective faction.

i.e. Ravenclaw Honour points / (Ravenclaw + Ironforge Honour Points)

Throughout the event period, Master Yield Boosters will be released from the energy deposits, rewarding the factions based on their dominion of TERA 986. This moment is called an interval. Interval forecasts are only accurate to a 2-day window, and will be announced on the event page. During the interval, a geospatial image of TERA 986 will be taken. The percentage of dominion a faction will determine their share of the Master Yield Booster.

For instance, Interval Alpha, Ironforge 70% Ravenclaw 30%. Thus, the Master Yield Booster of USD 500 appropriated to each faction would be Ironforge USD 350 Ravenclaw USD 150.

These Yield Boosters are indicated for the construction of new NEXUS [Gold-P] prior to the interval, and will be scaled for new NEXUS [Blue-P] & [Green-P] accordingly. Yield boosters will be distributed to taggers after the honour points for the interval have been validated.

As the total accumulated honour points of both factions increase, upgraded Master Yield Boosters can be unlocked! So be sure to strategise your accumulation of honour points for maximum contribution! Remember, teamwork and coordination are essential for a swift victory!


gold-pv2[P] VS [NON-P]
A completed [P] NEXUS comprises of only the same coloured Nodes while [NON-P] NEXUS can be comprised of multiple Node colour combinations. The ‘P’ in the codename stands for ‘Purity’, indicating the NEXUS composition. Nodes within these NEXUS do not need to be under the ownership of a single TAGGer. Thus, by tapping into your social capital, TAGGers can easily benefit from the premium boosters.

referral-newLINKED NODES
Primary Nodes deployed by new TAGGers recruited through your unique invitation code will also appear in your NEXUS as referral Nodes, so plan around your referrals to try and take advantage of every opportunity to rapidly fill up your NEXUS and HEXA for free!



Should you have further questions, or need clarification as to how the event works, do drop us a note at, use the “Ask Us” function on our Facebook page or right here our website. We’re always here to help.

userEvent Trilogy: Factions Uprising

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