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Crusades EXTENDED!



Months had passed since the fires of war raged across the dunes of TARA. The Factions enjoyed the fruits of prolonged calm – peace, progress and harmony. Yet, each night, the TAGGers slept in constant fear – fear of another Genomian attack. T’was the advent of social unrest, and the factions began crumbling from within.

The Grand Counsel, a select group of venerated TAGGers from both Factions whose dominion spanned across TERA 986, recognised that fighting the fear of the Genomians was a far greater foe than the Genomians themselves. And so ORACLE was formed – a group of scientists who were obsessed with the composition of Node energy, and excessively religious about the depths from which the Genomians rose from.

The brilliantly ludicrous Elon Alpha

Led by Elon Alpha, the lead scientist and the most ludicrous of the lot, ORACLE pioneered the idea that the only way to solve the inevitable implosion of the dominion was to understand the Genomians better – and harness the fear of the crowd, translating that into a zealous crusade to capture a Genomian Hive for research.

Notes from Elon Alpha’s Research Journal

This time, the TAGGers were bringing the fight to the Genomians, calling upon every last TAGGer, regardless of faction, to unite once more, and protect the fragile peace left behind.


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Each TAGGer can only participate up to a maximum of 3 different leagues; so strategize wisely!

*Yield Boosters and Bounties will be validated, and thereafter distributed, at the end of the event.


DURATION : 5th September 2016 – 6th Novemember 2016 *NEW*

TAGGers must put aside their differences and unite once more to impede the Genomian Swarm. Empower the anti-Genomian countermeasures. Summon your greatest allies to aid you in your quest.


Designed by Elon Alpha himself, Anti-Genomian Countermeasures (AGC) are weapons that are able to penetrate the hardened armour of the Genomian soldiers. However, the weapons have limited charges, and have to be used in close-quarters.

Each time a new NEXUS is constructed, volatile energy is created as a by-product and replenishes the charges on the AGCs. ORACLE is sharing their collection of Yield Boosters, amassed during the Uprising with TAGGers, for every new NEXUS created.

Yield Booster Attribution Table


Join the Leagues at front line of the crusade and earn Medals! Summon your closest allies to aid you. Together, you can get a share of the bounty awarded by the Grand Counsel for staving the growth of the Genomians!

By completing and/or constructing a new HEXA during the event period with at least 1 Unique Linked Node in that HEXA, the Grand Counsel will award you with a Medal. A Unique Linked Node refers to a Linked Node from each unique TAGGer invited by you!

Medal Qualification Table

Once you’ve earned your very first Medal, you will be automatically drafted to a League. A League is a skirmish group of six TAGGers whose task is to secure a designated sector of the Genomian hive.

Each League requires a total and has a maximum of 12 medals in order for the League Prize Pool to be unlocked, and the bounty determined by the number of TAGGers in the League.

League Prize Pool Table

Once a league is complete, each TAGGer will receive a share of the Prize Pool as bounty according to his contribution of Medals to the league. Should a HEXA become incomplete during the event, its corresponding medals earned will transit into a ‘faded’ state, suspending the faded medal’s portion of the bounty, while the ‘faded’ medal still continues to contribute to the 12 medals required to unlock the League Prize Pool.

TAGGers can re-qualify their medals by restoring their incomplete HEXA.

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