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Dell Streak 7 regarded as oldest Android based products. On its launch, it used in order to on the Android only two.2. It’s compact, highly customizable and could certainly run any Android app on information technology! The Kindle app can readily be had for less than 0. As Honeycomb could be installed upon it by yourself you take pleasure in using its reliable hardware specification.

Google Sky Map: It is the best application that can present the presentation of planets and stars on the screen of the phone. Users can discuss any part at heaven and look what the sky has recently. Users will need to buy this app when they want delight in the full features.

As the name suggests, Picture Manager is used to manage your digital photos. It really is sorter and photo editor. The kinds of pictures-based period and directories. Also, you can find some release for just doing your photos, such as rotating, zooming in and out, head. Plus, the last function, including the one I like best is that it makes the photos you don’t wish to be perceived by others in a folder called Private Snap shots. You can use a password protection for connection. If you have many digital photos and to help efficiently manage, you need it.

TripIt: – A frequent traveler’s best friend, TripIt makes travel planning very simple. It combines all your plans into one list to offer a bird’s eye look at your vacation plans.

I showed about how Android is breaking into RIM (Research in Motion – really of Blackberry products). Just this week RIM demoed android apps on the Blackberry Playbook. And without you knowing it they have produced seamless integration globe Playbook. Hey its open sourced, remember? In March we learned that costly working to create the official BBM app/service to Android and then iOS. Lastly, they have arrived at develop an organization Management for Android programs. But what is next?

Its internal architecture is a bit of a novelty concerning the tablet current. It runs on a MIPS Burst CPU running at 1Ghz, which apparently excels at power efficiency, and is coupled using a Viv ante GC860 GPU running at 444 Mhz. As such it can do 1080p HD video playback/encoding/decoding and supports battery lifetime of 8 hours of constant video playback, 7 hours of active web browsing, and 300 hours on standby.

RAC Traffic: This is the better application that updates the customers about the traffic condition of someplace. It works much like radio, but the updating speed is much faster than that radio.