Build your Nexus.
Expand your Empire.

For centuries, the sacred manastream has blessed the world of TAGG. When deployed into a Nexus, mana crystals called Nodes resonate with the manastream and extract mana to the surface.

Build your Nexus, and expand your empire! Harvest yield from the manastream!
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The world could use more champions.

Whether as a stalwart knight of the Ironforge, or a dauntless warrior of the Ravenclaw, decide who you'll fight for in the never-ending Faction Wars.

Enlist as a team of Nodal initiates and seize glorious victory from your adversaries. Achieve greatness and bring home the lion’s share of the crowd-sourced prize pool!
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Power of the Crowd.

Invite your friends and strongest allies to speed up your Nexus construction! Enjoy amplified yield generation from your Nodes!

As initiates, form teams of three and represent your Faction in the Faction Wars, or join the Cavalry to support your initiates by unlocking immeasurable advantage for them on the battlefield!
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The rise of eSports, Grey markets, and YouTube sensations are testament to an inherent desire amongst gamers; that passion for gaming would be accepted by society as a meaningful and productive activity. We feel the same way. Well, because we’re gamers too.

We imagined a world where games were no longer dismissed as a waste of time - but a platform where casual gamers could earn-as-they-play in a manner that was not overly complex and time-consuming.

TAGG is an evolving strategy battle card game powered by SIXCAP’s fintech engine, Ricebowl, which stabilises and maintains its in-game economy. Through the direct monetisation of in-game purchases, TAGG translates value created back to the gamers, enabling them to earn as they play.


Headquartered in Singapore at the stock exchange building, SIXCAP is a movement that specializes in the field of financial technologies and machine intelligence; bringing wealth & health to the bottom of the pyramid. Ricebowl adopts a man-machine hybrid approach towards engaging the financial markets in a non-speculative manner, recognising data as the rising asset class.

Together with various co-creation partners such as MIT Media Lab in the U.S., Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) and Binus University in Indonesia, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Global Education, Chartered Banker’s Institute of the UK, People’s Bank of China - China Centre for Financial Trading (CCFT), CNBC, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and AirAsia, SIXCAP harnesses the power of crowds to induce concrete and positive socio-economic impact.


Deploy your Nodes and Build your Nexus - Destiny Awaits!

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